Turo Car Shoot

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Kool Looks is very excited to work with you to help capture professional images of your car. Turo’s research shows that professionally photographed car listings garner up to 50% more traffic from travelers looking to rent vehicles on Turo.com.

Kool Looks is happy to work with you to photograph your cars and increase your exposure and help you get more traffic on your vehicles posted on Turo.com

Preparing for your Photoshoot

Before the photoshoot

  1. Clean your car – you want your car to look it’s best so please make sure to give the interior and exterior a good cleaning before the photoshoot.
  2. If you have extras that you rent with the car, please plan on installing them and having them available at the photoshoot.  An examples of an extra you would want to photograph would be phone holder/or bike rack attached.


Location Planning

Location Planning is a critical part of a successful Turo Photoshoot!

You will definitely want to scout for great locations nearby.  A clean background without distracting elements will greatly add to the quality of the images.  Additionally, you will want to consider the time of day for your photoshoot.  If you want pictures of the city of Atlanta in the background, shooting into the sun in the afternoon will cause the image to be underexposed, so that image would be best shot in the morning.

You might also consider the type of background appropriate for your vehicle.  If you have a family car, you might consider picnic areas or parks.  If you have a Jeep, you might consider more rugged terrain in the background.

Contact us to discuss the best location that would best fit your vehicle. 



  • Photos will be edited and provided to the car owner within 3 business days of the photo session
  • Car owner is able to choose which images they would like to upload to Turo.
  • Additional photos available at $5/image