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Time to get KOOLER!

"Can't wait for our next shoot"


"Thank you so much the pictures are gorgeous!!!!! You're the best!!!! We appreciate you so much for capturing one of the best moments of our lives!!!"

Iesha Parks

"Oh yeah you a fool with the camera."


Omg I love the recap!!! Thank u so much


Thank You so much! The pictures are great!


It’s The Self Care For Me Journal

Created by KOOLLOOKS! Stop forgetting YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Do you ever feel like you’re putting everything before yourself? Juggling work, home, friends, and money, has become the new norm, but it’s also so important to address your own needs. Journaling is a great way to work through thoughts, feelings, and concerns. And finding the right daily journal can make all the difference. It's the Self Care for Me is a journal designed to help women rediscover themselves and nurture their personal values and goals. This is a great self care journal for the everyday woman. 100 page journal with affirmations, self care tips and more.