Pop goes the Pepsi

Pepsi released an ad the world can’t stop talking about. The ad stars a white supermodel, who glides as if she was on a catwalk through a protest taking everything in like a tourist on holiday. Here’s how Pepsi missed the mark. Protests have been the most popular way to bring together a group of people to fight for what they believe for hundreds of years. 


My culture has protested for any and everything. African Americans have had a long hard road to travel, making it harder is the co-opting white society does. The black culture can only be accepted if whites are the ones promoting it? Pepsi came, tried, and failed trying to co-opt 

struggles by having a white woman pass out cans of soda. 


Did no one stop to think that this is wrong did anyone stop to say well maybe we should tweak… no that didn't happen because they did not care. 

The out lash had it removed from online within a day. We have to recognize and use the new power of social media has given. History has proven involving the media helps others to see or understand our struggles.


Pepsi released an apology to the world and to their main star Kendall Jenner for putting her in that position. Reports were flowing in about how Kendall was traumatized after the disappointment of the ad. Was she traumatized because the world didn't like her for a week? Hey Kendall try being a black person for your whole life. What's really sad is that she was actually traumatized over this, would it hurt her career, will people want to book her after this disaster? As if any of those things are truly important in life, I mean she would and could survive after this and is probably doing so now. 

Those who came before us had far bigger struggles to overcome. We have to stand up and fight for our we promote ignorance and hate yet get angry when others try to bring us down. "Pepsi should have thought more about what they were putting out, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris says.

A protest used to promote a soda is horridly disrespectful of those who came before us.  

The outcry over the ad was must to my ears for once people came together and said no this is not right because it wasn't if people stopped turning their heads and allowing different cultures to be exploited then it would not occur as often.